Thank you for your question regarding how to continue with energy work after Duality.

You can find Jeffrey's tips for continuing your practice inside the Duality training here:

>> Click here for Duality - Continuing Your Journey (purchased before 5/2019)

>> Click here for Duality Quest - Continuing Your Journey (purchased after 5/2019)

Jeffrey also recommends the following:

1) Continue using your energy tools daily.  The more fun you're having, the easier this will be.

2) Use the daily meditations for practice.  You can find Jeffrey's recommended daily meditation rotation 

>> Click here for Duality daily meditations (purchased before 5/2019)

>> Click here for Duality Quest daily mediations (purchased after 5/2019)

3) Join the Duality facebook group. Having a community to share with is a great way to keep motivated and engaged.

>> Click here for Duality facebook group

4) Watch the Duality training again. You'll be surprised by how many new things you'll learn. Duality students have been known to repeat the entire course several times - getting new insights each time.

Above all - have fun and experiment with your energy work. Make it yours, and you'll use it for a lifetime.

Of course, Jeffrey also recommends his Unlocking Transcendence training. It covers many new types of awareness which are not covered in Duality, and is a great way to keep growing and learning.

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