Jeffrey Allen has 2 popular programs with Mindvalley Academy – Duality energy training, and Unlocking Transcendence awareness training. What's the difference? Jeffrey says...

"Duality is the course your Mind loves ...

Duality training helps you deeply understand how your energy body functions and how to work with energy for self-healing, communication, and manifesting.  Duality includes an amazing amount of information (students have been known to repeat the class several times, receiving deeper information each time).  It also includes guided meditations and real-world exercises and applications.  If you want to treat your mind and learn deeply about energy, Duality is the course for you.

... Unlocking Transcendence is the course your Spirit needs!"

Unlocking Transcendence training helps you deeply experience yourself as consciousness – stretching your awareness in ways that didn’t know were possible and giving you a new perspective of yourself as a Spirit.  Unlocking Transcendence favors experience & activation over information – allowing you to draw your own conclusions as you up-level your spiritual awareness. If you want to understand your true nature as a spirit, Unlocking Transcendence is the course for you.

Both courses will deeply affect your perception of yourself and change how you live your life. They complement each other and can be taken in either order.

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